Goodbye Tour

A traveling circus. That’s what I feel like I’m in right now.

Robert, the boys and I have been making our way around the state of Texas since finishing MTI at the end of November. We traveled from Colorado Springs to Dodge City, Kansas for one night, and then made our way to the Oklahoma City area to visit with some dear friends. Next, we headed to Arlington to spend Thanksgiving with Robert’s side of the family. After a great recharge week, we hopped over to Texarkana to hug on some more of Robert’s family.

From Texarkana, we drove back to the DFW area to Garland where we had stashed some of our belongings at Robert’s uncle’s house. After spending the night and shredding an entire file cabinet full of old paperwork, we headed back to the Lewisville/Flower Mound area to say our final goodbyes. We were there for five nights and had countless goodbyes, playdates, breakfasts, and dinners. This week was especially difficult for us, driving by all of our favorite places for the last time. Caedmon was remembering streets, restaurants, and friends. It was good and hard and everything in-between.

Next, we drove down to the China Spring/Waco, TX area. This is where Robert and I first moved when we were married and had our first baby, so it was very sentimental. We saw some great friends and stayed with some new ones. Sunday was simply life-giving as we spoke at the Church at Tree Lake in China Spring, TX. We did life with these people when we lived here, and we were prayed over and loved on and didn’t want to leave.

From China Spring, we went to Brenham, TX. Restful, peaceful, and just what we needed for a few days. The boys got to literally drive a tractor and they LOVED it. We even toured the Blue Bell Factory and made some new friends! And ate ice cream, of course.

We’ve been in Bryan/Collage Station for a few nights hanging out in wonderful Aggieland. We’ve enjoyed eating at some of our favorite places, relaxing with good friends, and the boys even got to go fishing for the first time! Caedmon caught a tiny one and was literally beaming with pride. Malakai just liked when they wiggled on the line, and he would giggle and jump up and down. We’ve been out in the country today just resting and taking in the peace and quiet as we gear up for the last leg of our journey around Texas.

In the morning, we’re heading out to Houston, and then San Antonio, Del Rio, and Abilene. We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest nephew and will make the trek to Del Rio when that happens! Yay! We’ll spend Christmas with family, and then we fly out of DFW on December 28th.

We’re beyond thankful for this time. When else have we had four weeks to go around and see so many family and friends? We won’t get this opportunity every time we’re in the States, so we’re soaking it up.

Thank you to all who have made time to see us, fed us a meal, and allowed us to stay in your homes. Thank you for encouraging us, loving on us, and chatting about nothing and everything. And for those we missed, we’re sorry we didn’t have the time capacity to see you. Know that you are truly loved and cherished.

And with that, the goodbye tour continues!

(Click on the picture to view the entire gallery.)

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