Q&A: No home of our own

Our life is a circus right now. We are all adjusting to a new normal of not having a normal. Sure, we still eat and sleep everyday, but the ability to be consistent is difficult. What does this in between period look like?

What do you do all day?

Now that we are out of our house and only have what we’ve packed, we don’t have to work quite so hard during the days. The boys and I have been trying to meet with friends, have playdates, run last minute errands, and just have fun.

The Kimball and Stiller boys.

The Kimball and Stiller boys.


Where are you living?

We are at Robert’s uncle’s house in Garland, TX. It has been great to have somewhere to spread out a bit.

How are your boys?

They are doing surprisingly well. Of course, they are dealing with all these changes in their own ways. Sometimes it’s a lot of questions from Caedmon about why we’re not in Africa yet and what we can take or get there. Sometimes it’s Malakai whining and clinging to us, or acting out by yelling. Basically they are processing out loud how Robert and I wish we could. All in all, they are troopers and are such a testament to how gracious our God is.

Love them!

Sorry it’s blurry. Love them!

How are you and Robert?

This is a really difficult question to answer. We are doing ok is the easiest to say, but it’s not entirely accurate. I know for myself that I am still pushing my emotions down, afraid of what may happen when I address them. I’m pretty much holding out until MTI where we have to address them. Robert is still too busy to think about much.

Is Robert still working?

Yes, Robert is still working full time. He will move to an hourly rate next week as we head up to Colorado and will work as needed. He’s also working on the Cornerstone construction. On top of those 2 things, he’s been watching the boys so that I can continue to pack and organize and answer emails and blog. He’s pretty much the busiest man I know.

When do you go to Colorado?

We leave for Colorado on Friday with my parents for a week of vacation. Time with family, enjoying the mountains and cool weather is just what we need. We’ll go to MTI on October 26, and begin classes the 27th.

What will that look like?

We will live in one place for 4 weeks which will be fabulous. Robert and I will have training classes for most of the day, while the boys go to their class. We will be around other people that are roughly in the same stage and phase as we are which will be refreshing.

When do you fly out to Kenya?

We fly out to Kenya on December 28. Eek!

What will you do in-between leaving MTI and flying out?

We couldn’t leave right before the holidays! We’ll be with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then pretty much everywhere else. We have people to see from Oklahoma down to Houston, Texarkana to Lubbock, and most importantly we’ve got to get down to Del Rio to see our newest nephew once he’s born sometime in December.

Are you limited on the amount of bags you can take? Do you have them all with you now?

Yes and no. We were not given a definitive amount of bags we can take, but they may not all get out there right away. Our family can take 12, other teams can take 8-10 in December, and some more random bags have been slotted to go out before we get there. I think I have about 25 right now. They are with us, but they will need to find a place to stay until it’s time to fly them out. We’re only taking 3 duffles, 2 tiny suitcases, and a few random items with us to Colorado and while we travel in December.

The massive pile of suitcases ready to make the journey to Kenya!

The massive pile of suitcases ready to make the journey to Kenya!

What can we pray about specifically?

Please pray for our ability to process at MTI. Pray for our physical health, that we would miraculously stay healthy the rest of the year and into our transition to Kenya. Pray for our boys, that they would experience the comfort of the Father. And pray for our marriage, that we would continue to experience a time of unity and encouragement towards one another.


Thank you to all who have been so encouraging and loving to us during this CRAZY time. We’ve truly enjoyed traveling to see people and catching up with good friends. Thanks for being there!!!!




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One thought on “Q&A: No home of our own

  1. bulletk@frontiernet.net

    Robert and Julia Thank you for keeping us informed of your beautiful adventure, we will sure miss you guys but “know” we love you and think what you are doing is sent to all of us from the grace of God. Be safe in your journey and keep in touch. May God bless and kiss the boys for us… Poobah and Grandy

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