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Well, we finally made it to MTI. We started today and have been having an absolute blast. Actually, we got to the facility on Saturday morning and had the ENTIRE place to ourselves. It was kind of strange and kind of fun. We roamed the halls with glow lights (thanks Dad!), explored every floor, played on the playground, and just had fun settling in by ourselves.

We spent the previous week vacationing with my parents around Colorado. We went to Denver and spent a few nights with family, eating good food and enjoying the gorgeous weather. The boys had a blast just playing outside on a few parks we found, crunching the leaves and laughing when the wind blew them all down.

Next, we headed to one of my favorite places in Colorado, Buena Vista. My parents had rented a cabin that had a view of the Collegiate Peaks that took my breath away. A bubbling brooke behind the cabin caught the boys attention, and we enjoyed eating s’mores around the campfire. We drove to Salida, CO to eat at a brick-oven pizza place my sister-in-law recommended called Amica’s, and it was DELICIOUS!!! Robert and I even got to go out for a coffee date to the Brown Dog Coffee Co and were able to sit and talk and enjoy one another’s company. The view was so beautiful that I would get up at 6am every morning to bundle up, fill my cup with coffee, and sit outside to catch the sunrise over the peaks. Those were probably my favorite times.

From Buena Vista, we headed to the Colorado Springs area to visit my mom’s other sister and her family. They have an awesome house with a view of Pike’s Peak, and even had some old construction toys that the boys LOVED! We stayed at another cabin in Manitou Springs, CO so that we could wake up early to catch the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway on Friday. The cog ride was so much fun! Caedmon loved listening to the “ductor,” or conductor, speak and point out interesting sites. Malakai just wanted to sleep or eat. Typical. The expansive view from the top was so majestic! You could see for miles and miles. Caedmon was instantly in the snow and loving every minute of it. Malakai didn’t appreciate that he was so bundled he could hardly move, but we had to keep the tiny kid warm. We went inside and got some famous doughnuts and hot chocolate and warmed up a bit before heading back out to catch the train. That was probably a highlight from the trip.

We decided to head to MTI early, so we packed up Saturday and took off. Malakai was running a fever by this point, so we went to an Urgent Care to get him checked out. Turns out he just had a cold and we needed to wait it out. Well, good thing we were the only people in the MTI lodge because we were able to run around a bit after he started feeling better. Saying goodbye to my parents was sad. We are so grateful for the time we get to spend with family and friends, and we know its fleeting, so we enjoy it while we have it.

Finally being at MTI was extremely relaxing. Other than the fact that Malakai was sick and we didn’t know how long we would be quarantined to our room, we were pretty stress-free. The facility is all-encompassing. The bedrooms, classrooms, dining hall, and hang-out zones are within a giant lodge-type building. There are fireplaces, 24 hour coffee stations, and a beautiful view of the mountains. The final leaves are changing colors and falling off, and there is a hope of snow in the air.

After months of running at a sprint pace, we are finally feeling like we can breathe and relax. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve so been looking forward to this time of reflection, but now that it’s upon us, I’m not sure I’m ready. Facing all of these pent-up emotions that I’ve done a fairly good job at keeping down is scary, and I don’t quite feel strong enough. I just have to remember that my God, the One who called our family on this journey, IS strong enough. He is fully aware of where my heart is and what it’s capable of.


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