Q&A: Where have you been?


And it’s almost October. What?!?


Why haven’t you been writing much?

Well, Robert went to Kenya for 16 days to prep some things for our move and to do some work for Conrnerstone, so I was at home with the boys. There was not much free time happening, as you can imagine. I didn’t share that Robert was gone because I didn’t want the public to know. Sorry!

What did you do while Robert was gone?

The boys and I had a lot of adventures! Malakai decided he wanted to potty train the day after Robert left, but I had to put a stop to it sadly. I just wasn’t mentally prepared, nor was it even on my radar. He is still going in the potty about once a day by his own initiation, so as soon as we get to Kenya we plan to hit potty training hard. Pray he’ll still be ready!

We spent a lot of time at Target getting free cookies, outside getting dirty, in the bathtub playing with color drops that turn the water colors, and riding bikes. We also went to Abilene to visit my parents and went to the West Texas Fair and Rodeo. The boys LOVED it! We saw the cowboys, rode the ferris wheel, ate some yummy fair food, and Caedmon even rode a motorcycle ride which was his favorite! We had a blast!

What is the next big milestone?

Our house should close on October 2, so we have 8 days to be out of it. EIGHT DAYS!!! All of a sudden, our house doesn’t look so empty when I survey what all needs to be packed. And remember, it’s not just packing everything. If an item goes with us to Kenya, do we need it right away? Do we need it before we go? Can it come out within the next few years or few months? If it doesn’t go, do we need to store it somewhere? Where are we going to keep it and how are we going to make sure we keep track of where everything is? Do you see the stress on my face yet? Whew. Ok.

Where will you go when your house sells?

We will stay with some awesome friends in this area for a few nights, and then we will hop on over to Garland to stay with Robert’s uncle. We only have 2 1/2 weeks between our house closing and when we head on up to Colorado. We’re so thankful for those who have offered to let us stay with them! I don’t think these 2 weeks will be difficult at all.

When do you go to Colorado? 

We start at MTI (Mission Training International) on October 27, but will be heading up there the week before for some vacation time with my parents. My mom’s family lives in Colorado, so we’ll be seeing them and enjoying some R&R.

What will training look like?

We will be at MTI for 4 weeks, and will have classes M-F for 2 weeks and M-Sat for 2 weeks. The boys will be with us but will attend their own classes. This is a quote from their website about the program we will be in, “At Compass you will deal with the “make or break” issues for cross-cultural workers. You will learn how to enter a new culture and exit your current one. Some of your skills will include dealing with stress, learning team dynamics, working through conflicts, developing a Sabbath rest, and enhancing your relationship skills.” Sounds like just what we need.

What about after MTI? Where will you be?

We end MTI the weekend before Thanksgiving and will then begin our last month of travel. We’ll be visiting family for the holidays but will make our way to as many places in Texas as possible. We’ll be in the States for 5 weeks before we fly out on December 28th.

What happened to leaving in early 2015?

It’s pretty simple. Flights were cheaper on the 28th. When flying 4 people to Kenya, you pick the cheapest day, folks.

How are y’all doing?

We’re doing pretty well, still laughing throughout the day, but we’re also in a state of shock. Honestly, I don’t think about it much. I can’t, because I don’t know how to handle all of my emotions. We’re kind of holding out for MTI because that’s where they address things like that. For now, we’re enjoying life as we know it. The babysitter is at the house this morning, so I drove myself to Corner Bakery and am having a cup of coffee and some breakfast. And it hit me that times like these, driving my self some where all alone, aren’t going to happen in Kenya. And then I had to stop thinking about it or I’d burst into tears in public. Trying to hold that stuff in.


I hope that gives you an overview of what’s happening. It’s crazy and it’s fast and it’s here. And as exhausted and worn out as we feel, we’re super excited for each milestone that passes, because that means we’re one step closer to Kenya.


Please pray for our boys, as they endure major transitions. And for Robert and I, that we would remain unified and mutually seeking the One who invited us on this journey.

Thank you, friends!



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