Burning the midnight oil

We’ve had a lot of late nights, cleaning our house top to bottom to get it ready for the market. And we’ve been going through every item we own, deciding if it’s a keep, give, sell, or store item. And we’ve been trying to love on our boys because their entire worlds have been turned upside down and we want them to know how important they are and that they’re part of this too. And we’ve been trying to keep up with communication and haven’t been doing a great job at it.

And somewhere in there we sleep and eat and pray.

photo 21

Coming Soon!


The reality of what is happening has not quite set in because we’ve been too tired. Too tired to think or process or reflect.

We just keep going because in all of the craziness, we believe that God is confirming this path. This is what He made us for. This is what He’s equipped us for. And this is what He desires from us.

photo 2

Soaking up our days in the heat. 😉


That we would leave what is comfortable, what is sure, and what is predictable.

That we would go to the uncomfortable, the unsure, and the unpredictable.

We’re not saying that Kenya is the “only place” to serve. Just that it is “our place” to serve. We love Kenya and it’s people, specifically the cuties at Naomi’s Village! We believe that they’re worth it. That they deserve more.

photo 1

Taking a break.

It’s hard to leave this country, our family, our friends, and our lives we’ve made here. But we’re excited for this next adventure. And we truly can’t wait to get our feet back on Kenyan soil.

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