Dog bites and cop cars

Wow. Our moving sale was absolute craziness. I was feeling worn out and exhausted, and someone told me it was only 7:20am. We’d been open for 20 minutes, and already I was done.

What is it like to open up your home and watch strangers buy your daddy’s recliner, the present you bought your first son for his first birthday, the books that got you through dating, early marriage, and pregnancy, and the frames that held your precious pictures? It’s numbing, is what it is. I understand that it’s just stuff, and that things can be replaced, and memories can never be taken away. That doesn’t lessen the struggle that exists with seeing it all go.

I could stay on this emotional wave, but let’s talk about more pressing matters, like the DRAMA that ensued at our sale.

Y’all, it was like my house was attacked by pirañas. They came, they bought, they were gone, and all that was left was the scraps. It was a madhouse.

By 9am, a helper had been bit by a pit bull that had been chained to a tree in our front yard without our knowledge. Another helper had her car hit and the driver tried to drive away. Our neighbors ran him down, made him come back, the police were called, and the driver’s truck was towed. Then we had someone block the neighborhood alley way, their truck died, and they had to have AAA come fix it. I was just working away in the garage, not really privy to all the chaos that was happening in the front of the house. It’s probably better than I didn’t know, since the stress of it all might have done me in for real.

photo 17

Some of the awesome helpers!

People trickled in until about 2pm, buying this and that. One girl came later in the afternoon, just for the coffee and end tables, and they were still there! We were so glad to know that they were going to someone who really wanted them. I almost started crying when I told the couple who bought my dad’s recliner that he used to rock me in it.

Sorry it's blurry, but it's the only picture I have of me in my daddy's chair.

Sorry it’s blurry, but it’s the only picture I have of me in my daddy’s chair.

Thankfully, they seemed to actually care, and promised they would take good care of it. And a few people were above and beyond generous in their donations. It really blew us away.

Our bedroom suit sold that evening, so now we’re sleeping in a tent on the floor. It’s kind of sad when you think about it, but the boys think it’s awesome.

Our new tent bed! Woohoo!

Our new tent bed! Woohoo!

The TV is still here, so we’re watching more TV than normal, trying to soak it all in. Especially since we won’t have one in Kenya. And I know, I know. We don’t really need TV. In fact, I’m kind of excited about not having one. But for now, it’s really nice to sit on the couch and pretend it’s not all about to change. The couches will soon be gone, and the entertainment center leaves this weekend. We just have our kitchen table, and then we’ll be without any big furniture.

It’s a little strange that all of this has happened before we put our house on the market. Circumstances have lead us to this timeline, and it makes sense to us, but it really is a huge step of faith. I mean, if something happened and our path turned away from Kenya, we would be in a strange place. There’s no way we could refurnish a house with what we were paid for all of our stuff. We just couldn’t recoup the money we put into things. Especially since a lot of big furniture items were given to us. Once we sell our house, we’ll be homeless for 3 months or so, and that’s just going to be difficult. We’re trusting the Lord with everything. Our belief that this is what He is asking us to do has been put to the test, but it’s holding strong.

If you start to feel sorry for us, please don’t. There’s no need to. Yes, it may appear that we’re lacking some major creature comforts, like a bed or, soon, a house. You may want to help in some way, make it easier for us, but what we really need are your prayers. The spiritual warfare is real. The enemy hates this, and he is trying to discourage us and knock us down. Please pray that we will stand strong, grieve well, and inspire others to press on toward the goal. Our ultimate goal is Christ, and if that means selling it all and moving to Africa (which is so cliche, we know!), then that’s what we’ll do.

And you know what else we could use right now? A hug. Because sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded that other people are there and still care.

And now to end with a picture of the many items we pulled out of the subwoofer, thanks to Malakai.

Apparently, Malakai was hiding his treasures in the subwoofer.

Apparently, Malakai was hiding his treasures in the subwoofer.

And a super cute picture of Caedmon and the lizard he caught all by himself!

Caedmon and the lizard he caught!

Caedmon and the lizard he caught!

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2 thoughts on “Dog bites and cop cars

  1. Krista Graham

    Hey cousin!
    I just want you to know that I’ve been following your journey and am truly inspired and in admiration for what you’re doing. What a great calling you have! Just wanted you to know that I’m sending lots of love and positive vibes from Seattle Washington!


  2. Jodie Gibson

    Hi Kimballs! We enjoyed your sale! Y’all were so welcoming and hospitable to us! We were the ones blocking your alley with our truck! So, thanks for the books. I’m enjoying “don’t waste your life” and next will be “a case for Christ”. Y’all have a special calling and I can feel and see your love for The Lord. It was ALL over your faces. I’m looking forward to seeing your journey play out. Thanks for sharing and accepting my friend request :). Jodie

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