Life is a Highway: Waco/China Spring, TX

We traveled to the Waco/China Spring area this weekend and it was so much fun! Waco is where Robert and I first moved after getting married, and it’s where Caedmon was born. I had mentioned that briefly to Caedmon sometime last week. When we were getting out of the car Friday night after arriving in Waco, Caedmon yelled, “Yay! We’re here! This is where I was born! Woohooooo!!!!” It was super cute.

We had dinner with the people hosting us, our sweet friends David and Linda Kerr. Robert worked with David in Waco, and then they were our landlords when we moved out to China Spring. We dearly loved them and enjoyed spending time with them.

We spent Saturday morning being encouraged by some great friends, the Trimbles, who had spent a year in Uganda. They spoke such truth and wisdom into us. Their 4 sweet kiddos were great with the boys and we ate some really tasty banana chocolate chip muffins. Yum!

Then we drove to Lake Belton, about an hour away from Waco, to visit one of my mom’s longest friends. Linda Veale let our boys crash on her guest bed, which is becoming a tradition when we travel. Linda was so uplifting and we were able to relax a little while we chatted and drank tea.

We also went and saw a dear family friend, Barabara, who knew my dad growing up. She lives on Lake Belton and we fully enjoyed the beautiful views. Robert took the boys swimming to burn off some of their never-ending energy, and the water and heat worked!

We finally met up with the awesome Swingler family. Joanie was my boss in Waco and let us live with them when we were homeless. That’s another story. We would stay up late playing card games or watching 24, and those were some sweet times. Their kids are all grown up, with 2 off to college now. We laughed and talked while eating some really tasty Bar-B-Q, and the time was just not enough.

Saturday ended on a high, a sugar high that is. When we got back to the Kerr’s place, they had banana splits waiting for us. They were so good! Malakai was wearing about half of his and needed a second bath, but it was worth it. We also got to see some tractors and a combine out at the Kerr’s. David is a farmer and the boys loved driving the tractor!

I woke up really early on Sunday morning to watch the sunrise. With a cup of coffee, I went and sat outside by myself. I haven’t had much quiet time lately and watching the sun rise while listening to the sound of the country was just what I needed.

We went to church at The Church at Treelake out in China Spring on Sunday morning. We always feel so at home in that church and love being there. They invited us to share our journey during Sunday School and their responses were encouraging and humbling.

We caught a late lunch with Rosemary Guzman before we left town. The boys were tired and hungry and wiggly, but our time with Rose was still great, although a bit short.

Something we are realizing as we travel is just how quickly time flies. There is never enough time to spend with the people we love, and it seems like there will always be someone we don’t get to see. We just hold on to the promise that time will not be an issue in Heaven. How wonderful it will be when Christ makes all things new!

Thank you Waco/China Spring peeps! We loved seeing all of you and look forward to the next time we make it back to town, which will hopefully be sooner than 3 years. Hopefully.


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