Home Sweet Home

Guess where we were this weekend?


It was really nice to spend the weekend in Lewisville. As much as we enjoy traveling and seeing friends and family, we needed a weekend to ourselves. We wanted to love on our boys a little more and really pour into them. They have been such great traveling buddies and have bravely journeyed with us, but they are only 3 1/2 and 1.

Caedmon started the weekend out with a bang. Papa (Robert’s dad) came and picked him up in his truck! This is a big deal when you’re 3. He had the privilege of spending the night with Mimi and Papa all by himself. He got to go out to eat at Abuelo’s, watch a movie, and eat blueberry smoothies.

While Caedmon was livin’ it up at the grandparents, Malakai was fully enjoying his time as an only child. We had already decided to take him on a date, but what do you do with an almost 2 year old? I thought Barnes and Noble would be a great choice since he LOVES books. I had envisioned reading books nicely in a nook, picking one out, and Malakai saying, “Thank you dear Mommy. This was wonderful.” That didn’t happen. Instead, books went everywhere. Our time at Barnes and Noble was cut short, to say the least. Next, we headed to Target, because who doesn’t love Target?!? Something that Malakai really enjoys is the whipped topping on the top of my Starbuck’s drinks, so we got him a cup of it. Robert and I had pretty much lost our minds at this point. Anything was fair game. We picked up Chic-Fil-A for a nice healthy dinner and went home to eat and watch How To Train Your Dragon, because that’s a movie appreciated by a 1 year old. A good night’s sleep was had by all.

Robert picked up Caedmon on Saturday morning and we all headed to a birthday party where we saw a REAL LIVE fire engine and ambulance. Caedmon was a little scared of both, but Malakai was fearless, as usual. We partied hard, then came home to nap. We went to church that evening, which we really enjoyed. There is just something about not rushing around on Sunday morning that is refreshing. When we got home around dinner time, I had a surprise for the boys. We were going camping in our LIVING ROOM!!!! YAY!!!! I set up the tent, complete with picnic dinner, and we all snuggled in to watch Rio 2. Yes, we watched a lot of movies this weekend and loved it! We had so much fun snuggling all together on the floor, enjoying the air conditioning and lack of bugs.

Sunday morning brought with it a visit from one of my best friends, Amy. Time with friends is even more precious now, so we all enjoyed having her. We finally told Caedmon that we were going to watch a movie in the theatre; Planes: Fire and Rescue. And if you know anything about Caedmon, he loves Dusty Crophopper. We left Malakai with Amy and headed to the theatre to eat popcorn, candy, and soda. Really, our kids haven’t known what to do with our choices of food lately except to eat what they can quickly! Caedmon LOVED the movie and is ready for it to come out on DVD so that he can watch it over and over again. And with Malakai. He was concerned that Malakai hadn’t seen it yet. Which goes to show that they do love each other deep down.

This weekend at home was just what we needed. Time as a family, time one-on-one with our boys, and time just to be. Now to keep running the race…


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