Life is a Highway: Bryan/College Station, TX

We hit the road again Thursday afternoon headed to Bryan/College Station. This place has special significance because it’s where we met. We haven’t been back in a long time and were excited to reconnect with some dear friends.

As usual, our children fell asleep on the ride there. I count that a blessing because they will sleep almost anywhere. God has equipped them for this journey in their own ways!

We spent the first night with Susan Lee who played an integral part in Robert’s life, and actually knew us separately before we met! We had dinner with two other couples, the younger Lees and the Holsters, whom we knew from way back when. Seeing all 5, almost 6, babies playing together was so much fun! A big thanks to Ms. Lee for setting up a tent for the boys to sleep in. That was a hit!

Friday morning we met with another couple that also had a part in Robert’s life growing up. Thank you Clarke’s for driving in to have breakfast with us. We thoroughly enjoyed yelling over the blowers outside. That was really special. And for the tiny laser guns you bought the boys. They enjoyed pulling the triggers over and over and over again in the car. We’ll be sure to bring them when we see you again!

A shout out to the Straznicky’s for having us over for dinner, taking time to guide and encourage us, and for the photo shoot. Their children were super sweet to the boys, allowing them to play in their princess room, which was one of the cutest I’ve seen. If there is ever a Kimball baby girl, we may need a castle bunk bed.

The Brick family welcomed us into their home with a pile of cars to entertain the boys. That was genius! Their 3 kiddos were such a help. It is so fun for me to see how kids I knew as babies are growing and becoming such mature young men and women. Wish we would’ve remembered to take a picture, but we’ll get one next time! Oh, and I need to start making infused water. That was delicious!

Hanging out with the Jordan family was a blast! First of all, they welcomed us with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. And if you know Robby and Emily, then you know they were super tasty. Anything those two make will knock your socks off! Next, they let our boys scatter toys everywhere with their precious one, James. And we loved meeting Sara Jane and all her girlie cuteness. Just don’t tell Caedmon that we all went outside to enjoy the pool while he took a nap…

We had lunch after church with the Teipels, who we first met in Waco, but they’ve since moved to College Station. It was good for our hearts to see them since it had been a while. And of course, the boys slept while we chatted. Thanks friends!

A huge thank you to the Lopez family for letting us crash at their place for most of the weekend! They are so special to us and we can never get enough time with them! They fed us, let us swim in their oasis of a pool, and stayed up way too late talking with us. We appreciate them more than they know.

And what would be a trip to Aggieland without stopping to see Kyle Field and take a picture with the ring. We have such fond memories of that campus and town, and we hated to leave. Thanks Aggieland for an awesome weekend!

(Click on any picture to view the entire gallery.)


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