Q&A: More answers

Wow! You people are asking some awesome questions.

Here are a few more answers:

When is Robert going to stop working in his current career field?

That question is not answered yet. There are some factors that we are working with that will determine that. For the moment, we can not announce publicly, but will as soon as those details are ironed out.

When will we start living on support? Will it be before we move to Kenya?

Yes, we are planning on switching from salary to support in September. Robert is planning on going back to Kenya for a few weeks in September to help oversee the groundbreaking of Cornerstone Preparatory Academy. We also go to Mission Training International for 4 weeks in October-November. That leaves us with the holiday season, and then we’re off to Kenya! And getting us to Kenya has been a full time job, so Robert has pretty much been working a double-shift!

Why are you not living in Maai Mahiu or at Naomi’s Village?

There is not housing for us in either place, and the grounds at Naomi’s Village is not big enough to support the addition of our family. The best solution available now is a house in Kijabe, although we are not ruling out living in the valley at some point in the future if that is the best option.

How will you handle visits back to the States?

Our plan is to be back to the States for about 4 weeks every year, all in one visit. Flights are expensive, so we won’t be flying back and forth a lot. Once the boys start school in a few years, we’ll be limited to the months of April, August, and December, as they will be in school for 3 months and then off for 1 month. We will focus on spending time with family and friends, sharing with others what God is doing in Kenya, and hopefully enjoying LOTS of authentic Mexican food and Bar-B-Q.

How safe is the area around Naomi’s Village and where you will be living?

We can’t say that there isn’t danger over there, because there is. Nairobi (the capital city) and Mombasa (the port city) have both seen bombings recently, and there is a general unrest in that part of the world. Kijabe (where we’ll live) and Maai Mahiu (where Naomi’s Village is located) are both rural and are located about an hour from Nairobi. The Lord has given our family a peace about going over there. We are not afraid, nor do we think God is asking us to go to a place where physical harm is likely. There is always risk, no matter where you go.

Can we send you packages?

Yes and no. Shipping anything bigger than a 6X9inch flat envelope has to go through customs, and you have to pay to get anything out of customs. So, no, you can’t mail us a package. It ends up being cheaper to send what needs to go with people or teams. There are always teams going back and forth, so we can receive things pretty easily, such as lots and lots of mini chocolate chips!

Will lions and giraffes be living in your backyard? 

No, not in the way you’re thinking. They are around, but not close. You’ll just have to come visit to see!



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